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The Transformation Plan is a personal coaching process to change your body. 

Working side by side with fitness and nutrition expert Oren Mellul, you will reach your goals in health, appearance and strength.

Make it happen.

Individual 1-on-1 consultations with Oren to assess your situation & define your goals

Analyze and measure health related data

(fat %, muscle %, etc.), your daily routine and nutrition habits

Setting personal goals with weekly and monthly missions until you get to where you want to be

Personalized nutrition plan that suits your lifestyle. Build up solid habits in small, daily changes. 

Meal plans available made by professional chefs working with Oren that both taste amazing & deliver results

The nutrition plan can also be vegetarian or vegan friendly!

Meals can be delivered to your home or office in Tel Aviv & surrounding areas!

Customized workout plan for home/gym/outdoor

Oren is a specialist in NLP, a proven personal development method to get you in the right mental state and reach real results

24/7 coach, get full access, support & motivation directly with Oren via phone, text, Whatsapp or email

Special discounts on Oren's group classes and personal training sessions available




This is a plan for anyone who has ever wanted to lose weight, gain muscle, get ready for a big event, to get those last stubborn kilos that just are not going away, get back in shape or finally become the athlete they have always wanted to be. Be connected to your trainer with on-call and on-text support behind the scenes with Oren and follow-up every step of the way to see your progress and set new goals and missions! This program is meant to establish lasting results that go beyond the duration of the plan, making sure that a healthy lifestyle becomes second nature


Rare among fitness professionals, Oren is a specialist in NLP and knows how to connect your mind with your body, making sure you are in the right mindset to work in harmony with your goals and personal challenges and keep you motivated. With a step-by-step nutrition and training strategy, individual consultations with Oren and dedication from you to a few simple rules, this program promises you will shake, you will sweat, you will learn better health, you will have fun and you will transform yourself!

We know you can do this! But if you still don't know if this is the right plan for you, schedule a one-time consultation with Oren to learn more & see how you can be healthy, fit & confident. 

One time consultation* with Oren to:​

  • Discuss personal goals

  • Analyze your health data

  • Fix a strategy to reach your goals with a custom workout, nutrition plan & mental inspiration


*Does not include follow-ups or other benefits from The Transformation Plan.

3 Unique Options For Every Fitness Goal



(Click on the picture of each participant to see which plan they chose!)

Basic Option

This option suits anybody who needs structure and strategy in fitness and nutrition to go the extra mile. Expect overall improvement in your health as you boost your strength and conditoning with your personal nutrition and fitness program.

The Basic Option is for 2 months and includes:

3 one-on-one meetings* with Oren

Personal Nutrition Plan

Custom Workout Plan

Full support from Oren as your personal coach throughout the entire process

Special discounts on

Oren's group classes


per month

 1,500₪ for 24/7 support from Oren

Duration: 2 Months

Metamorphosis Option

The perfect option for anybody who wishes to do a major transformation and build healthy habits for life. Each meeting will be dedicated to updating and sharpening the nutrition and workout plan to maximize results even further and anchor the new changes. Expect to take your foundation to the next level with this option.

The Metamorphasis Option lasts 4 months and includes:

Everything from the Basic Option

2 additional meetings with Oren* to follow up and adjust

Special discounts on 

Oren's group classes

Most Popular


per month

1,300₪ for 24/7 support from Oren

Duration: 4 Months

Premium Option

The Premium Plan is tailored for anyone who desires a drastic life change to better themselves and their health. It is the perfect option for anyone who needs to lose 10 kilos or more, who wishes to become an athlete and tone their body,

professional athletes who want a competitive edge, or for anyone who simply wants to get into the best shape of their life.  

The Premium Option lasts 6 months and includes:

Everything from the Basic Option

Personal, one-on-one coaching meetings* every 2 weeks  for life-changing health management (12 meetings in total)

Special discounts on

Oren's group classes


per month

1,750₪ for 24/7 support from Oren

Duration: 6 Months

* One-on-one meetings with Oren are the key element in making sure the process is successful. They are meant to keep you constantly motivated and stimulated throughout The Transformation Plan, to manage your nutrition, maximize your workout, track your results, achieve lean body mass and superior aerobic performance. Your first meeting with Oren will be 90 minutes to go over the strategy of your personal workout and nutrition plan and build a solid foundation to jumpstart your transformation. 

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