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The perfect mix of fitness and street fight self-defense, be ready for anything with Krav Maga Fitness!  Krav Maga is an instinctive and reality-based self-defense training system developed originally for the IDF. This class goes beyond military Krav Maga to teach you the best in civilian everyday, real-time self-defense. This is not a martial art. There are no rules. Use your own instinct and natural motions as you train your body to be a human weapon. Best of all, anybody can do it. 

Oren's Krav Maga Class

Learn powerful, effective moves and transform your fear into something productive.

Develop your natural instincts to be ready for anything. Get confident as you learn how to strike, fight back and survive attacks.

Experience high intensity cardio, conditioning and build up your endurance as you advance in Krav Maga and become a human weapon.

Learn real fighting skills against the most common dangerous situations (chokes, knife threats, bearhugs, gun threats and more).

We have a mix of internationals and Israelis in class – English is the main language used, with random translations in French and Hebrew every once in a while to match Tel Aviv's diversity.


Sundays 21:00

Tuesdays 20:30

Thursdays 21:00

Fridays 13:30  


Arlozorov 62

Goof Rishon Fitness Center

Tel Aviv

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