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TRX Fitness Tel Aviv Oren Mellul
Krav Maga Tel Aviv
Krav Maga Tel Aviv Oren Mellul
Transformation Plan Oren Mellul

What's your fitness goal?




Get major life-changing results with Oren in this intense 1-on-1 process. Oren uses his 20 years + experience to get you exactly where you want to be with this effecitve, powerful coaching program.

Krav Maga Fitness

Krav Maga is an instinctive and reality-based self-defense training system for real-life situations. Oren's unique 90 minute class of Krav Maga Fitness is the definitive way to learn self-defense while getting into shape.

TRX Bootcamp

A program for anybody committed to positive changes for themselves and getting fit, regardless of previous experience. This intense 60 minute workout is done outdoors by the cool, beach breeze.

Private Training

Personal sessions will build a solid foundation faster, prepare you for progressive workouts tailored just for you & maximize your gains and benefits. Choice of small groups or individual sessions.

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