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Krav Maga (which means "Contact Combat" in Hebrew) is an instinctive and reality-based self-defense training system for real-life situations developed in the 1930s and 1940s by Imi Lichtenfeld.  It is the official hand-to-hand combat fighting system of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) but its usefulness and practicality have gone outside the IDF to hundreds of law enforcement agencies worldwide as well as to thousands of civilians who want to learn effective self-defense. 


There is nothing artistic about it. There are no rules. It's no-nonsense street self-defense, plain and simple, using your own instinct and a combination of other fighting techniques. Lichtenfeld dove into his own knowledge as a fighter and studied anatomy among other fighting techniques to combine the most effective moves in aikido, jujitso, karate, boxing, and wrestling and create Krav Maga. Best of all, anyone can do it.

Oren's Krav Maga Class

Get into the best shape while learning to defend yourself and use your body as a weapon.

Experience high intensity cardio, conditoning and build up your endurance as you advance in Krav Maga.

Develop your natural instincts to be ready for anything. Get confident as you learn how to strike, fight back and survive attacks.

Learn how to defend yourself against the most common dangerous situations (chokes, knife threats, bearhugs, gun threats and more).

We have a mix of internationals and Israelis in class – English is the main language used, with random translations in French and Hebrew every once in a while to match Tel Aviv's diversity.


Mondays 21:00

Thursdays 21:00



Tuesdays 20:30

Fridays 13:30


Arlozorov 62

Goof Rishon Fitness Center

Tel Aviv

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